Research and Innovation


Alhambra s.r.l. is an engineering company specialized in structural design of civil works (bridges, buildings, special structures) new or existing, using also new technologies. Company is distributor in Italy of LUSAS Finite element system since 2002.
The experience gained in bridge design with LUSAS BRIDGE, led to the development and selling of bridge software like PontiEC4 and ABload and to the possibility of developing customized software for clients.

Our history in 7 steps

Alhambra partners start LUSAS distribution in Italy
Set up of Alhambra srl engineering company as spin off of META Consulting srl
Moving to new office
Development and sales of PontiEC4
PontiEC4 becomes LUSAS pre-postprocessor for checks according to EC4
Stable partnership with new staff: Lucio Ferretti Torricelli
International sales of PontiEC4 as software standalone

The Alhambra Team

Carlo Margheriti

Partner, C.E.O., Techinical Director,
Marketing and Sales manager,
Structural civil engineer

Angelandrea Salcuni

Partner, Techinical Director,
Software development manager, Structural civil engineer

Lucio Ferretti Torricelli 

Consultant for Software development and Structural engineering

Olivio Massarelli

Structural civil engineer

Cristian Santacroce

Structural civil engineer