Projects: New Bridges

Cable-stayed bridge at Palazzolo over the river Oglio

Centro Padane SRL - Cremona (IT)

Alhambra SRL and architect Luca Farinelli, have won the bid of Centro Padane SRL for the design of new bridges and the assessment of existing bridges on the road network of Brescia and Cremona municipality. Most important work is the design of a cable-stayed bridge over the Oglio river close to Palazzolo town; design was completed with the support of various experts coordinated by Centro Padane srl. A five spans solution of 24-44-100-44-24 m with two reinforced concrete masts supporting the cables, and a steel-concrete deck has been recognized as the best to fit design constraints. LUSAS and PontiEC4 have been extensively used for the optimization of structural design. Rendering and photos show the good result of the insertion in the site. More details will follow at next design stage.


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