Seismic technologies

Seismic protection

Patented Technologies

Alhambra follows as a consultant, the promotion, dissemination and development of two patented technologies for the seismic protection of reinforced concrete and masonry buildings. 

Electro Pro 20X

Active Mass Damper Technology


Φ System

Three-dimensonal tie rods for masonry strenghtening and steel jacketing of reinforced concrete without welding.

Electro Pro 20X

Electro Pro 20X is an Active Masses Damper intelligent technology for the seismic protection of existing buildings, isolated from other buildings, where the machines that control the active masses on the roof can be istalled.

Electro Pro 20X records the movement of the building in real time using accelerometric sensors and moves the active masses to generate forces that minimize the oscillation of the building and consequently avoid damage and collapses. The system has a particularly fast installation on reinforced concrete or steel buildings with flat cover.

Φ System

Φ system is a technology for the seismic strenghtening of masonry and reinforced concrete structures. The technology was developed following the indications of the new italian code of practice DM2008 / DM2018 and downstream of the needs that arose with the earthquake in Abruzzo 2009, Emilia 2012 and central Italy 2016.

On the masonry, the Φ system creates a three-dimensional reinforcement tie-rod, with threaded bars such as diatons and with stainless steel strips as horizontal and vertical reinforcement, while on the reinforced concrete makes a steel jacket of beams and pillars in r.c. always with stainless steel strips and therefore without the need for welding.

In masonry buildings the technology is able to solve, with a single reinforcement system, all the possible methods of collapse (local collapses due to kinematics of single portions, in plane breakage of masonry walls due to bending and shear forces, disintegration of the masonry due to lack of characteristics of the mortar) and also the application on the r.c. as a variant of steel jacketing it is very interesting for its flexibility and operational speed.